I realize I've been gone for a very long time. I've been writing elsewhere since my life has changed a bit, but I am feeling the need to revisit this space on occasions with my televisional ramblings and such. I do have another personal space out there I will share at some point, but I wanted to drop in, say hello, and tell you I will be posting all of my derranged How I Met Your Mother feelings probably later in the week.


may be a while

Due to some unforseen circumstances in my life there will be a brief hiatus in writing. Maybe a week or two, possibly longer. This space gives me comfort so I know I will not be away long, but thought I'd drop by and acknowledge that I haven't died or anything and I will be back, happier than ever.


VERSUS // telethons: full house vs saved by the bell

In all honestly there are about 39029 comparisons I could do between these shows alone. I'll probably hit them all eventually but I am trying to spread them out so that things don't get tedious. Thank you for listening.

It was rather common in the 90's to have telethons. Sometimes you need to get a bunch of dough for an important (or semi-important) cause and the only way to do it is with some entertainment and a lot of phones and I can already tell you who the winner is here (because they had talented people and children and connections who will work for free) but just for kicks lets see. Both in 1990 just a few months shy of one another Saved by the Bell hosted a radio-thon in Save The Max (S02E03 according to IMDB but everyone knows the actual order and air dates of SBTB are a myth) and then Full House's Our Very First Telethon (S03E24) was a wonderful closer to that season.


The reason for the "-thon" in Saved By The Bell is that their beloved hangout joint The Max is going to be turned into a parking lot of the owner doesn't come up with $10,000 in back rent. The Max is owned by the school board so they hold a radio-athon, utilizing their newly discovered school radio station to get people to raise money. Consider they're in dire straights they use their own radio personalities to entertain the crowd. Lisa talks gossip, screech pulls out his impression of Al Bundy and Mr. Belding reincarnates his alter-ego The Big Bopper but despite all of that they're still doming up short. In the end, it is their boring sportscaster Slater that comes in, pumps everyone up and motivates the crowd so that they meet and barely surpass their goal.

Full House hosts a telethon to raise money for children in need. They have a much heftier goal of $1,000,000 in a 24-hour period. Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson of Wake Up, San Francisco are in charge of hosting and they have a slew of actual talent lined up: Jesse and the Rippers, Joey's comedy routine, each of the daughters doing a little something but for them the clincher is Mike Love of the Beach Boys stopping in last minute to sing Be True To Your School and help them surpass their goal as well!


Zack Morris vs Danny Tanner - The Ring-leader. Zack. I mean, he doesn't totally fall asleep like Danny does. He comes close, but he dozes for only a mere moment instead of entire segments.

Joey Gladstone vs Screech Powers - The Comic Relief. Sorry Screech, Joey for this one. He has a legitimate act prepared, granted that's career. And his impression of Steven Tyler will never not be hilarious.

The Breakdown
The reason we're here. It's kind of hard to rate this one. Saving children or saving a place that feels like a second home to many? Now seriously you're probably going wow you're an asshole if you don't vote for children but here me out. Slater has moved around for a long time and for the most part when he arrived at Bayside Zack tried to send him packing. It didn't work and Slater started feeling like he belonged. I have a soft spot for that so I'm going with Saved By The Bell here. I have to.

The entertainment. I can't not go with Full House on this one. Sure they have connections and probably a budget, otherwise all these talented folks are willing to work for free (well, it is for the children after all). And plus, Kimmy Gibbler rode her unicycle.

The final kick. I'm going rogue. Saved By The Bell gets this one. I mean for real. Yes, a Beach Boy showed up and rocked out and that was pretty epic, but the downtrodden sportscaster that was all but kicked in the face before being kicked to the curb shows up because hello, it's his second home, and rallies the troops to wake the hell up and save the Max! He looks at that microphone like he is speaking to all the other bad sportscasters out there as if to say "this one is for you." I have to respect that.

Full House only by 1??? What kind of situation is this, I thought they'd have it by a landslide, but oh I like surprises.



jordan drinks tab

We're continuing the forgetful pattern here.

Monday: HIMYM and Mom both super feely.

Tuesday: New Girl and Mindy. Ho hum.


VERSUS // we're taking a train: sex and the city vs how i met your mother

I reached for this one, honestly. Probably because I really wanted to watch this episode of Sex and the City if we're being honest and I thought "ooh, trains!" and it was born.

TRAINS. Sex and the City took a trip to San Fran for a book tour in S05e11 The Big Journey and then How I Met Your Mother took a train to Long Island in S07E16 The Drunk Train.


In Sex and the City, as a part of her book tour, Carrie must adventure to San Francisco, way way way across the country. Instead of taking a plane like a normal human being, she opts for a long, several-day train ride. She drags the bored to tears Samantha along and soon find out that the train adventure is not what it seems. Carrie pops a zit, almost doesn't meet up with Big (one of her main reasons for agreeing to travel that far) and gets avoided at a bachelor party.

Now for How I Met Your Mother Barney feels that Ted owes him a favor so they hop upon the drunk train...the last train from Manhattan to Long Island that houses all of the drunks coming home from the city. Barney needs this adventure because he's recently met Quinn and has been very rejected. Ted realizes he doesn't really need to find the one and just wants to have fun until he (again) realizes he is still in love with Robin (aren't they all?).


Carrie Bradshaw vs Barney Stinson - the reason. This one is rather tough. Carrie isn't as excited ans Barney is, however she has a longer journey to endure. For the sake of that, and the fact that she doesn't force Samantha into coming, just begs, it goes to Carrie.

Samantha Jones vs Ted Mosby - the tagalong. Again, tough. Samantha is on board until about 5 minutes in. Ted on the other hand is off board and then becomes on board. So Ted, I'll give it to you.


The Suggestion - Carrie uses Samantha's boredom as a bargaining tool and it totally works. Barney uses blackmail and it also totally works. Because I believe in subtle manipulation, Sex and the City for the win.

The Ride - Both train rides are hell but I would say without a stutter that the drunk train is worse. Sure, small quarters, a zit, a bachelor party full of faithful dudes sounds unappealing but compare all of that with drunk Jersey Shore kids and you've got a winner with HIMYM.

The Destination - Carrie gets to go to San Francisco to read from her PUBLISHED book of essays and see her longtime love Mr. Big. Barney gets to get laid. I'm taking the classy road with Sex and the City.

The winner here is Sex and the City and I'm not at all surprised. LADIES.


jordan drinks tab

Enjoying refreshing TaB's while indulging in some really good and really bad television.

Carrie Diaries to start, followed by Revenge, Girls and something new...Looking.


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